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Knock on wood :)

For various reasons here and there, I’ve had a brain MRI, two sinus C/T scans, and a chest C/T scan, all since December.  And the upshot?  ALL CLEAR.  No Evidence of Disease.  No brain mets, no lung mets, no liver mets, no bone mets.  So, nothing left to anxious imaginings – I know.  In cancerland, we call that “Dancing with NED.”  My dear friend Ned.  May he stay around a long, long time.


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the, ahem, hair-do

BTW – I know I longed for hair when I was bald, I know I wished for it daily, but sheesh, I should have been more specific in my wishes. Ok, powers-that-be, here is the genie-specific wish: Continue reading


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6 months post-chemo

…and there are galanthus, hellibore and crocus. Need I say more? Oh, and it’s light after 5 pm. And dear friends gave me an old guitar (my first). And, and, and…

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