retreats (Oregon/Washington):
Harmony Hill
Casting for Recovery
First Descents

finding medical info:
NCCN – Clinical Practices in Oncology – really important for understanding gold standard treatment options
mayo clinic
pubmed – search for medical journal articles

$ – financial assistance:
Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund
Co-Pay Relief, PAF
Patient Access Network
The Pink Fund
Jennifer Ireland Foundation
The First Mile Foundation
Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation
Cleaning for a Reason – new as of 2009, free house cleaning during cancer treatment

Lab Tests Online– all about lab tests
Rational Therapeutics – chemo sensitivity testing, financial assistance available
Quest Diagnostics – pathology
Arup Laboratories – CYP2D6 testing, pharmacogenomics
Myriad Genetics Laboratories – BRCA testing
Genova Diagnostics (formerly Great Smokies)
Metametrix lab tests

RxList – medicine info. – good for looking up side effects

breast cancer support:
Young Survival Coalition

group calendar: “lotsa helping hands”

young adult cancer support:
Planet Cancer


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