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the, ahem, hair-do

BTW – I know I longed for hair when I was bald, I know I wished for it daily, but sheesh, I should have been more specific in my wishes. Ok, powers-that-be, here is the genie-specific wish: Continue reading



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and now for something completely different

A huge thanks to Pdx Lee Anne for providing a link which led to Johnny Virgil’s “Advice for Batman: Avoid Camping with Catwoman. “ Don’t want to ruin it by telling you what to expect, but I can say this: it was a welcome distraction.

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Radiation ninjas

I took my camera to rads, and asked the rads techs to take some photos. They did and when I got home (I was in a hurry when I was leaving) this is what I found on my camera:

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Cancer humor

This story just got me. Not sure why. The 2nd time I didn’t laugh as hard, but the first time, oh my.

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Inanimate preferences

Having decided that the dishes must be done after many days procrastination (note to self: get dishwasher), I finally unwrapped my new chopping knife from Ikea. The package included a small owner’s pamphlet. After flipping through the directions in 16 different languages (including Suomi, which I had never seen before) I located the English page. And instantly dissolved in mirth, as the directions read: “Knives prefer to be washed by hand.” To which my immediate response was, “Oh they do do they?!” Apparently, in Ikea’s world, inanimate objects have preferences of their own. Who knew?


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A work of art

Just returned from a visit to my parents to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. My brother and his 9-yr old daughter Katie were there, and I just have to share a classic Katie moment: Continue reading

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