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Feeling better

Have I mentioned that I feel better than I did in the TWO YEARS previous to my cancer diagnosis? Continue reading


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Port out!

So happy to get my port-a-cath out. Continue reading


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Feeling good, looking good

Decided that since I felt good I needed to look good too. So, had my nails buffed (worked wonders for my taxol-ridged nails BTW, they’re so nice and smooth now); bought a new outfit with pretty shoes; wore my hair (what a concept! and wigs are the best because you can fix the back BEFORE putting the hair on); and had my makeup professionally applied to make up for the fact that I have no eyelashes and barely any eyebrows. Anyhoo, looked in the mirror at one point this afternoon and thought, wow, that’s me??? 5 weeks out from chemo no less. Continue reading

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Rads scenarios

I wish I had more time to make this decision about rads, I really do. Like a year. However, I have 2 weeks, and that’s at the outside. Typically radiation starts 4-6 weeks after chemo, 8 weeks at the outside. I’m at 5 weeks now, and there are appts to be made, sims to be run before the 8 week mark. So, it’s a decision that needs to be made, and not deciding is equivalent to deciding not to do it. Continue reading


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Rads doubts and a small-pond problem

Am having doubts about not doing radiation…sneaky doubts that are like small children pulling at my skirt to get my attention. So I paid attention, the way one would to a child (to kneel down so that we can look each other in the eyes and say “Well hello you, what have we here?”). The end result being that I got a 2nd opinion on my pathology slides, and what I understand that to say is that the cancer was more aggressive in the lymph node that burst then it was otherwise. Which argues for radiation.

However, it’s a very grey area, and as one of my rads oncs says, “the outer fringes of a grey area.” Plus I think I’m having a small pond dilemma – if we lived in a metro area of say, 5 million, there would be a doc who would have seen many more women in my shoes, someone who is an expert in the grey area of decision making according to my cancer’s particular pathology. Continue reading

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Cancer humor

This story just got me. Not sure why. The 2nd time I didn’t laugh as hard, but the first time, oh my.

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If only I’d known

…that it was so easy to feel good! Started my Cancer Care Resources fitness training class yesterday at the newly remodeled (and gorgeous) Mittleman Jewish Community Center. 12 minutes of cardio later, the endorphins were flowing – how sad is that? But it felt great.

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