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Rads optional :)

Quick update – this is the first “2nd Thursday” that I don’t have to go to chemo!! Very happy about that. (Every other Thursday I’ve had chemo for the past 16 weeks.)

Other update – I’ve talked to two radiation oncologists, read 5 articles and 9 abstracts, and the upshot is that rads are optional for me. Continue reading



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Inanimate preferences

Having decided that the dishes must be done after many days procrastination (note to self: get dishwasher), I finally unwrapped my new chopping knife from Ikea. The package included a small owner’s pamphlet. After flipping through the directions in 16 different languages (including Suomi, which I had never seen before) I located the English page. And instantly dissolved in mirth, as the directions read: “Knives prefer to be washed by hand.” To which my immediate response was, “Oh they do do they?!” Apparently, in Ikea’s world, inanimate objects have preferences of their own. Who knew?


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An award-winning story by a young Seattle survivor. She writes,

Go ahead and make “hotflash” a verb and use it as a landmark for activities in your day. For example, “I was hotflashing in my therapist’s office when…”

That and many other observations are all so true. And I so wish it hadn’t happened, to her or to me.

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The post-steroid crash this time, instead of bringing the unrelenting-three-day-sob-fest of four weeks ago, brings with it guilt – at every little thing, done and undone, and once again, it is out of proportion with the action. (Last time, I would stub my big toe and sob as if it were the worst thing ever to happen. And then three days later that seemed ridiculous, and it was all better. It’s the steroids. The only thing to do is to wait it out.) The best innoculation against guilt that I have found is a quote from Mary Oliver via David Whyte:

You do not have to be good…
You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

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4 weeks treatment free, oh my

As I am once again immersed in the mundane of the chemoverse (nausea and chemo-induced bone pain), I am counting my blessings that this is the last chemo-recovery week I have to go through! Continue reading


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A work of art

Just returned from a visit to my parents to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. My brother and his 9-yr old daughter Katie were there, and I just have to share a classic Katie moment: Continue reading

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