Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction: Surgery #4

Just wanted to say that the argument for a mastectomy because of easier reconstruction is faulty.  If I had it to do over again I would have gone for chemo, which hopefully would have shrunk the invasive tumor and then a lumpectomy to get out the remaining DCIS.  However, the mastectomy was what was right for me at the time.  Wow, was that really 5 years ago?

In 2010 I had reconstruction where the surgeon took fat from my belly and made a really nice breast mound out of it.  But he made it too big, and it took 2 adjustment surgeries to get it right.  And now my belly has the classic post-Tram flap bulge.  Eeeks.  (And no, I didn’t mean to get a tram, had signed up for a DIEP but a tram was what was doable given my tiny veins.)  The mesh failed and I have to get it repaired.  So that makes 4 reconstruction surgeries.  Five if you count the mastectomy.

Also, at the mastectomy time Kaiser told me they couldn’t coordinate the schedules of the plastic surgeon with the mastectomy surgeon.  I get that.  However, again, if I had it to do over I would insist on the scheduling so I’d just have one surgery.

Am very happy not to have hard or uncomfortable implants.  No pain in the reconstructed breast.  Excited to get the failed mesh fixed.  Onwards!


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