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2008 wishes…

My wishes for 2008 are simple: a whole 2 weeks without a medical appointment of any sort, and a vacation to Hawaii. Not sure why Hawaii, just that I woke up early the other day and fell back asleep with the light on, and when I woke again thought, oh, wow, I get to go to Hawaii! Lol. Ummm…..not sure where the thought came from, just thought that I would publicly declare that intent to the universe. It would make a good 40th bday present, right?

2008 has to be a better year, it really really does.



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New year wishes and color sudoku

This is a marvelous bit of down time between the busy-ness of the holiday season, and getting ready for the New Year. I for one am delighted to be stepping into a new year, a clean slate, a year full of possibilities and hope. Continue reading

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Mom doing well

As my brother, a philosophy major, said: “Things are neither as bad nor as good as they may seem.” Continue reading

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bad news for my mom :( :( endometrial (or is it uterine?) cancer

Sigh. My mom had atypical endometrial hyperplasia, and so had a prophylactic hysterectomy today. And the docs found cancer cells, not the pre-cancerous cells that her biopsy reported. My sweet mom. DCIS breast cancer nine years ago and now this. I’m sad, and numb all at the same time. Continue reading

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Digital mammograms are amazing things. No waiting, just the results – right away. Plus EPIC West rocks – they have chocolate to eat while you sit and wait for the radiologist to read the mammogram pics. (Deep stress calls for chocolate.) They called me back for one additional pic just to be careful, and I got the all clear. Whew. Continue reading


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Well, I have my first follow-up mammogram today, and my mom is having surgery tomorrow, and I think I may go for a long walk as soon as it gets light. Filled with anxious, “go” energy. Continue reading


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That darned bad bug

I’m visiting my niece and nephew at their home, which is a small miracle, as I haven’t been up here in a year. Since last December in fact. I don’t normally travel in Jan and Feb, and in March of 07 I was diagnosed with cancer, and that’s all she wrote for me for travel for 07. So my nephew, J, age 7, and I haven’t seen each other very much at all this year.

A small story:

We’re sitting together in the backseat of the car, coming back from dinner. We’re leaning against each other, just enjoying being near. He’s looking at me very thoughtfully, and asks: “Aunt Amanda, how’d that bad bug get IN you?” Continue reading

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