The weight loss ticker at the right is malfunctioning, but I just had to share: I just weighed in at night at the same morning weight I had last week. And my night weight is 2 – 3 lbs heavier than my morning weight, which means that the 2 lb weight loss from last week is sticking. My goal was only 1 – 1.5 lbs per week, but it seems to be going faster than that. I’ll take it!



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2 responses to “progress

  1. Elaine

    I was diagnosed a year ago – stage 2a ILC – had chemo (had to stop after 5 due to excessive s/e)
    then rads, then the biggest problem: tamoxifen.
    I am an intermediate metabolizer, but I am hesitant to to arimidex due to the fact that I already have osteoporoses/ heart disease/ spine problems. Long storys short, I feel awful on the tamoxifen. Everything hurts, feel tired, feel tearful, even on half dose. Question: Did you switch to arimidex? If so, how are you faring?

  2. update: lost 1 lb wk for the last 4 wks! Woohoo. LiveStrong’s calorie counter rocks.

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