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My Tuesday started with a funeral.  A member of our Sunday Starbucks Young Survivors Group.  Her cancer, stage 2B with no lymph node involvement (if I understood correctly), snuck back fast after chemo,with a vengeance, before she even finished radiation.  Continue reading


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It’s so funny, my friend and I. She’s moved to a different place, and we’re in different time zones, and so we play a lot of phone tag. Often, we don’t get to talk when we want to. So her solution, in lieu of actually talking to me, has been to ask herself, “Well, what would Amanda say?”And then she answers, “Amanda would say…..” Nine times out of ten, she’s right on the mark. Funny how our friends know us better than we know ourselves sometimes.

So today, as she’s on a plane , I’m doing the same with her.

So let’s see if I get this right: Continue reading

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