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My support group women ROCK

Check out what one of the Portland Young Survivors Group women did. She writes,

“My Little Waiting room was started by a conversation between two friends about how we could improve access to medical care for families in our community. It is our vision to create a safe place where children can thrive while their mom, dad, brothers or sisters receive medical care. We think since places like Ikea, Fred Meyer and 24 Hour Fitness have drop-in child care, hospitals should too.”

I couldn’t agree more, and so apparently, did Suze Orman, on the judging panel for the Avon Hello Tomorrow Fund. Here’s the Avon press release: Continue reading


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That darned bad bug

I’m visiting my niece and nephew at their home, which is a small miracle, as I haven’t been up here in a year. Since last December in fact. I don’t normally travel in Jan and Feb, and in March of 07 I was diagnosed with cancer, and that’s all she wrote for me for travel for 07. So my nephew, J, age 7, and I haven’t seen each other very much at all this year.

A small story:

We’re sitting together in the backseat of the car, coming back from dinner. We’re leaning against each other, just enjoying being near. He’s looking at me very thoughtfully, and asks: “Aunt Amanda, how’d that bad bug get IN you?” Continue reading

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