Myriad’s BRCA 5-site rearrangement panel does NOT include BART

The answer to my question a few days ago is: No.  Myriad Lab’s brca 5-site rerrangement panel does NOT include the BART (BRACAnalysis® Rearrangement Test).  I myself called Myriad and was told that I did not receive the BART test, and then I got a letter from my (former) HMO’s genetic counseling department saying that I did.

I called the counselor and said that I was confused by the conflicting info., and to her credit, she called Myriad who confirmed what I was told – no BART test was done for me.

However, whereas Myriad had told me that I met the criteria for the BART test, they told the counselor that I did not.  So now that’s a new question.

Moral of the story: if you’re seeing a genetic counselor for breast cancer risk screening, see one who specializes in breast cancer.   The one that I talked to does all sorts of genetic counseling screening, so isn’t as familiar with the breast cancer screening tests.  She thanked me for giving her the opportunity to learn something new.  No problem, I’m sure that my persistence will help other women who go through her department.


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  1. Let’s all hope that the monopoly on the BRCA gene patent is overturned in court so affordable testing can happen soon.

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