rearranging life after cancer

Cancer rearranges life.  The people who go through chemo with us are not necessarily the people who are with us afterwards.  There’s a tendency with any big change in someone’s life to want them to go back to who they always were, but those big experiences – they change us.  And our friends don’t always change with us.  It’s sad but true.  I’ve been pretty quiet about what I’ve gone through with a certain friend. It was harsh, it sucked and I’m….moving on.  Here’s the song I sing trying to get over it all: “For  Today” the Avett Brothers covering a Jessie Lea Mayfield tune.  Can’t decide which version I like better.

“Cause there’s nothing left to say
And I can
See clearer
And I am getting closer
To finding out just who I am
Without you in the way”


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