My Tuesday started with a funeral.  A member of our Sunday Starbucks Young Survivors Group.  Her cancer, stage 2B with no lymph node involvement (if I understood correctly), snuck back fast after chemo,with a vengeance, before she even finished radiation.  She’d had a clean bone scan in October.  The cancer was stage 4 by the time it was discovered (due to back pain) in late February. She died March 6th.  She had some of the best docs in town. It was no ones fault. It’s scary and incredibly sad.

I actually hadn’t met her, but went to pay my respects, and show support, along with six other members of our group. The eulogy was one of the best I’ve heard, but it’s a story to be told in the right time and place.  Maybe in person. My prayers and thoughts, and help if needed, go out to her family.


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  1. nsbur001

    I’d like to interview you for a story on breast cancer. Please contact me at 310.926.5480.



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