Chocolate helps

…but waiting for test results is just no fun. House is clean, taxes done (with $ coming back!) had a great time with mom, liver biopsy was thankfully uneventful but I am one stressed cookie. Weeded my new garden (love those last three words BTW 🙂 ) to my heart’s content and now am so stiff I can barely walk. I assume it’s ok to take ibuprofen by now. I forget how much stress zaps energy btw – in past weeks I’ve been happy and bouncy and full of ideas, and now I seem to need a nap everyday. Also the body is healing from the huge needle they stuck in my middle. That too might be contributing to the nap need.

Here’s hoping for good news Monday morning and a week that’s back to normal and letting this whole liver deal be a bad dream.

PS At this point distraction no longer works. Last weekend yes, playing tourist in a convertible was lovely, but now I just don’t care about any of it. Will still try with the entertainment but really I could care less. If it were warm out I might care, but of course it’s ICY. In April. WTH. Yep, me thinks someone here is a little cranky. Hot chocolate here I come.



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2 responses to “Chocolate helps

  1. Chocolate always helps 🙂

  2. drtombibey

    I have been happily married for many years. I have worked with twelve women for a quarter century. I have been a doctor for almost three decades.

    In all those experiences, I have gotten to know many fine women. So far, I have never met one who did not like chocolate. There might be one out there, but I ain’t met ’em yet.

    Dr. B

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