Looks like I have to go for a liver biopsy. Ouch.

On the upside, after being on the waitlist for 2.5 years, I finally got a community garden plot! Went out yesterday and dug in the earth and was just outside for hours and hours and it was supremely comforting. The plot I inherited is a weedy mess, but there appear to be a lot of flowering plants. And lavender, yum. It smells amazing. Gardening seems to be the only thing my mind really wants to think about. The rest, I seem to be supremely uninterested. Coping mechanism I guess.



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3 responses to “update

  1. We all cope somehow! I remember planting annuals when I was in the midst of both my diagnoses/treatments (two time survivor here) — and thinking about how hopeful spring flowers made me feel. Still do. Can’t wait to get out there in the dirt.

  2. I am sending lots of good thoughts your way, Lots of prayers and hugs. I too got out in the garden last weekend and it felt so good. Keep busy and try not to worry too much, enjoy a couple quiet moments.

  3. cancervisa

    I am truly bummed about your liver biopsy, but look at the bright news you are not being quitely threaten with a lawsuit because or your blog name.

    Could I bother you to change in your recent comment section, cancervixen to cancer visa? (ashamed to even ask, but the lawyers are breathing down my throat)

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