Happy Birthday Blog!

I almost missed it, April 3rd a year ago this blog was born.

Three tidbits of news:

Remember that retreat in the Caribbean that I applied for? Looks like it might be a go, social worker called on Friday. Knock on wood. I will believe it when I have a plane ticket in hand, but we’ll just keep fingers crossed for now until that ticket arrives. “All expenses paid” is what the social worker said, but it sounds too good to be true to me. Ah yes, old cynical me. But I did get excited for a whole minute and start thinking about summer clothes (starting with shoes of course)!

And the other bit of news – my estradiol was HIGH (176). Which is not good, means there’s lots of estrogen in my system (remember, I had estrogen positive cancer), so can’t take femara any more. Being forced to switch back to tamoxifiend (warning about the link, it’s a cartoon but if you’re a guy, it might be tmi), which can also cause uterine cancer, which if we remember my mom got, and even if the docs say my risk is not increased I don’t believe them. So I’ve been stomping around, grumpy as all get out.

Finally, my liver enzymes, ah well, the trend for the last 3 months is not great. Albumin is low (meaning my liver’s not holding onto protein so well), ALT (SGPT) (marker of liver injury) is twice normal. So Monday afternoon I go for a liver u/s which means I can’t eat for 8 hours before hand. Plus I have a dental appt. So I guess Monday I get to be grumpy some more. Today I’d live it up, but I’m darn tired. So stomp stomp stomp.

And it’s nice that my docs are on it and call me at home (my onc. on Thurs re: the estrogen debacle; my PCP on Friday re: liver labs) but at the same time, sheesh. Enough already. Let’s be done with this cancer nonsense already, ok?! Ready just to have a normal life here!! Which means no (reason for) doctors calling me at home.

I may just have to go buy a travel book with pretty pictures of the British Virgin Islands, as there’s a chance that I might actually get to go. That is, once I finish my TAXES. Which means revisiting all the medical bills (=trauma) from the past year. I’ve already spent 30 – yes THIRTY – hours putting the 15 inches of bills into a spreadsheet, the home stretch is all laid out, but looking at it again = trauma city. No wonder I’ve been dragging my feet. I even get money back which would be exciting EXCEPT, where does it all go? A CROWN for my tooth and more medical bills. Insert choice swear words here. Of course I’m grateful that I have insurance, and tax money coming back, and can actually afford to get my teeth fixed, don’t get me wrong, but I’d rather use the $ to pay off some other bills and maybe even get ahead a little. So harummph.

Anyhoo, happy birthday blog, and a good thing it’s here too – because without it, given chemo brain, I wouldn’t remember the half of it. Nice to have a record of the big ‘ol bump in the road.


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  1. Geflicitered! Happy Birthday Blog, you go girl!

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