phone #s I know by heart

In this land of one-touch pre-programmed dialing, there are few phone #s that I know by heart. They are: my # growing up. My best-friend-from-4th-grade’s #, which is still her mom’s #. My best-friend-from 4th grade. My parents, home and cell. My grandmother. My brother and his family – their home, but not their cell phones. A friend from when I lived in Seattle, her Portland #. Work. Our main funder at work. Various phone #s I had over the years. Not my landline, have to look that one up (I never call it, and rarely give it out). But what I realized yesterday, when I was filling out a form for a yoga & healing from cancer class – my oncologist’s phone # and address is burned into my memory. I know my oncologist’s # by heart. Damn.


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