recovery time

They say that the time that it takes to recover from chemo and rads is equal to the time that you were in treatment.  So, I was in treatment for May, June, July, Aug; recovering in September; and in treatment for October and November, so that’s 7 months.  So that would put me back at bouncy and recovered in June of 08.

So even though my “chemo ticker” says I’m 5 months post chemo, I’m almost 2 months post rads (nov 19 – dec 19, dec 19 – jan 19), so when I’m 10 months post chemo is when I’m expected to be fully recovered.  So that makes me feel a little better, because frankly, I’m still in PJs by 8 pm ea. night. (Exciting life right?  Except that, tooth travails aside, I’m feeling pretty good, and just relishing in the fact that I’m not being poisoned!)


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