Something normal

I had this strange, persistent pain in my right jaw, with shooting pains up into my ear and dull pain around my eye. I’d had a filling, the dentist insisted it wasn’t that. Until we actually checked: he put the artificial cold on that tooth and it just about sent me through the roof with pain. Brought involuntary tears to my eyes actually.

Apparently somewhere in the filling process the nerve got inflamed, and since it’s trapped within the tooth, it’s reaction is to die. 😦 😦 Hence yesterday’s root canal.

My dad asked me if I was miserable with it all, and I had to say, no! Because it’s something normal, and the joy of having something normal wrong that is not breast cancer metastasized to the brain is a huge joy. Not to be underestimated at all.

Not to worry, I had a brain MRI, no mets shown. Woohoo! Oh how our perspectives shift.

But in the mean time the root canal aftermath has me taking painkillers that make it hard to drive, so am unexpectedly home from work this morning, waiting for it all to wear off a bit.

Off to back up my files, because even with a new charger and a new battery, the battery is not charging. Sigh….

Still dreaming of Hawaii – after I figure out how to pay for a gold crown. (For my tooth that is! Silly you….though maybe I do deserve a gold tiara after all I’ve been through. But no, I just want to be normal, so a tooth crown it is.)


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