2008 wishes…

My wishes for 2008 are simple: a whole 2 weeks without a medical appointment of any sort, and a vacation to Hawaii. Not sure why Hawaii, just that I woke up early the other day and fell back asleep with the light on, and when I woke again thought, oh, wow, I get to go to Hawaii! Lol. Ummm…..not sure where the thought came from, just thought that I would publicly declare that intent to the universe. It would make a good 40th bday present, right?

2008 has to be a better year, it really really does.



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4 responses to “2008 wishes…

  1. Julie Kerby


    We LOVE your plans to go to Hawai’i in ’08. We loved Kauai and plan to return and would do what it takes to bring you along. Wanna join us?

    Many rainbows await!

    Love, Julie & Howard

  2. Kauai huh? I’ll be calling you to get the scoop!

    Love you too!

  3. maui is my suggestion. enjoyed it immensly. Just watch out for cocktails! Take in a hola lesson it’s good to laugh at yourself.

  4. So, my friend Amya is going to Hawaii with Julie and Howard?

    Say the word and it shall be done. If only that would work for me –

    Amya, thank you for being you and for sharing yourself the way you do.

    I wish only the best in 2008 for you and for you to have many more years to put this stuff behind you.

    Always love, always peace.

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