New year wishes and color sudoku

This is a marvelous bit of down time between the busy-ness of the holiday season, and getting ready for the New Year. I for one am delighted to be stepping into a new year, a clean slate, a year full of possibilities and hope. Busy cleaning house, clearing clutter, picking up pieces dropped, making wish lists and dreaming possibilities, and bright futures.

My wishes for all my friends and family are:

  • peace in your life, and in the world,
  • health, and
  • a wealth of love, and the well-being that comes with it.

For myself, working on a wish list for the year, and loving the fact that my hair is growing in with, ahem, “sparkles.” Yes, I said that – it’s because I’m delighted that I lived through the year and that I get to have grey hair. And in a few months I’ll even turn 40. Imagine that!

My wish for my mom, specifically, is that she continues to recover well from surgery and that the radiation treatments are easy with minimal side effects. We’ve had so many small health miracles in our extended family, may this be one of those.

Oh, and BTW – best Xmas gift: color sudoku. For those of you wanting soduko tips, here’s my most recent breakthrough. There are two separate questions: What is it? (meaning what goes in this space), but also, and importantly: What is it not? Meaning, if you have 3 options in your hand – with color sudoku you can hold the balls that go in a row in your hand – and 2 of them can’t go in the space, then the 3rd option has to go in that space.

Can’t help but think that sudoku really is a great hospital game, because it’s an exercise in logic, which at least part of medical problem solving is as well. And in soduko, if you make a jump in logic that is wrong, well then the puzzle ends up all messed up in the end. So it really teaches you to check your work along the way, and to learn where you make logical errors. Or at least that’s how it works for me.


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