Digital mammograms are amazing things. No waiting, just the results – right away. Plus EPIC West rocks – they have chocolate to eat while you sit and wait for the radiologist to read the mammogram pics. (Deep stress calls for chocolate.) They called me back for one additional pic just to be careful, and I got the all clear. Whew.

And a sedative and a painkiller helped enormously – the mammogram tech kept warning me that it might hurt, and I finally had to tell her the truth – I was drugged to the gills and not feeling much. 😉 (Not that it took much to get me in that state, as any of my friends can tell you – I am such the lightweight. I’m the one who drinks a quarter of a glass of wine and calls it good.)

Plus the holter monitor tests came back normal, and with that and the normal echo my PCP was decidedly unconcerned. So, all is good for now. I feel like there is a bright future ahead of me once again! Yay.



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3 responses to “relieved

  1. Julie Kerby


    So good to hear about your results! And intrigued by your earlier post about Soduko and it’s helpfulness in keeping you at ease. I’ve recently discovered Soduko and am challenged to master much beyond the “easy” puzzles. I’m determined to figure it out, but am finding challenges. You got this mastered, missy? If so, inquiring minds want to know how! Howard and I recently returned from Kauai, where we chased rainbows in the stormy weather all week long. I saw the termination of the rainbow in the sea below our bluff. Alas! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, right there in front of me (and all around metaphorically)! Thanks for inspiring me with your determination and insights! Love, Julie

  2. Joanna

    Here’s to bright futures. I’ll be having half a glass of wine for you! I was so relieved to hear your news. I know it’s never quite OK again when you’ve had a major scare like this, but isn’t it great that treatment is done and everything went as well as it could. Well done, you, it’s a tough road. Take care – the post-trauma time takes quite some processing too – take time for yourself.

  3. Beth

    Congratulations on the good news. May the future be bright for you…..may your healing continue, body, mind and soul. Thinking of you today and everyday. with love, Beth

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