Well, I have my first follow-up mammogram today, and my mom is having surgery tomorrow, and I think I may go for a long walk as soon as it gets light. Filled with anxious, “go” energy. Thinking about a pedicure as well. Any other suggestions? The house is already pretty clean.

I’m a little afraid I’m going to cry through the whole mammogram deal, as last time I was there they did three biopsies on the breast that’s going to get the check-up, and those biopsies hurt. Body trauma and all that. I may just go for the sedatives actually. And plan a really nice lunch break. And there is always the focusing, calming power of soduko, which is quite the anixety-management tool in itself – I wonder if the creators realize how useful it’s been for hospital procedures?

Off to deep breathe.



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2 responses to “anxious

  1. Hi I can empathise with you your feelings about these tests. Please have a look at my free report on mammogrames. It may help you decide about future ones with more clarity?
    All the very best and Merry Xmas!

  2. Elizabeth

    Hah! I didn’t realize that soduko was such a common waiting room pasttime! My five year old has been battling cancer – and winning – for the the past twelve months and my husband and I have both spent plenty of time with soduko. It seems most perfect when we just need to pass the time not contemplating the possible outcomes of procedures or tests.
    Unfortunately, I think I’ve ruined it for myself, I don’ t expect to have a positive association with soduko for a long time!

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