Antiobiotics no longer needed for most heart murmurs

My dentist just called, waking me from a sound sleep with some good news: as of April 2007, the American Dental Association no longer recommends prophylactic antibiotics for dental work on those with heart murmurs. (Exceptions are some congenital defects – mine is new! – and transplants.) The American Heart Association concurs.

Well darn, that means I still have to go get a filling. 😦

Wish me luck. I did ok having my teeth cleaned a few weeks back ago, but back in May when I had to have dental films done I cried and cried – I’d had too much body trauma by that point.

I know what my director of alternative alternative therapy (dear friend) will say: go do something nice for yourself afterwards! So, around 5 pm I’m headed to Aveda to pick out a new (very very subtle) perfume, as aromatherapy can be so comforting.


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