radiation burns

….hurt like all get out. Drinking tons of water, eating protein, and sleeping. And taking painkillers. The photo on the left is of my clavicle, at the base of my neck. The photo below (click on the “keep reading” button, this one is not for the squeamish) is of my axilla, which is a fancy name for armpit. It’s somewhat hard to decipher if you don’t know what you’re looking at, but you know how the hair in your armpit grows in an oval shape? While on mine, the bottom half of the oval is burned off. I don’t know if hair will ever grow there again. Anyhoo, it’s beginning to peel and it hurts like a mofo. And y’all know that I don’t normally swear, so there we are. Pain makes me cranky. That little mark in the upper right is where the burn spread overnight so that it was under a bandage, and the skin tore when I took the bandage off. Uh huh, OUCH. And the scar on the bottom right is the tail end of the mastectomy scar. So there you are, the brutal truth.



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4 responses to “radiation burns

  1. Adrienne

    I have these same burns but much larger and in addition under my breast. Major pain! What did you use on these to heal them up?

    • Hi, the good part is that eventually one forgets. Here’s what I remember: 2nd skin was very helpful in just dealing with the pain, as was emla cream (a prescription numbing cream). And then I used whatever the rad docs gave to me, a sort of thick vaseline type lotion. And vit E I think? It had to be kept moist. These days, I’m a big fan of wound care nurses, which I had after reconstructive surgery. Their take – irradiated tissues can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen healing before surgery. Not sure why HBO care isn’t used to treat rads burns – maybe it stops the radiation?

  2. While having radiation therapy, I used unrefined
    Sesamine oil. I had no reddening after 30 treat-
    ments. I put it on when I left home and let it
    absorb in the skin. Not globs–just like when putting
    on baby oil.

  3. Janette Lund

    I have had breast cancer surgery in December and was lucky it was not in my lymph nodes and now will start with chemo and then radiation. Any ideas or suggestions that you can share with me will be greatly appreciated.

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