rads grad

Officially all done! What a long haul its been. March 13 – Nov 19. Three surgeries, 8 rounds of chemo, 28 rounds of rads. And so much support from family, friends, colleagues and of course, all the medical staff support. I feel blessed.

Today I am specifically so grateful for this amazing product called second skin – it soothed that burnt, blistered raw skin in seconds.



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7 responses to “rads grad

  1. Bravo, standing ovation, bravo! Take a second bow you have completed your goal! Hugz,

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Woohoo!! I am so happy for you. Take a moment to bask in the end-of-tunnel light that’s all around you.

  3. Kim

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you!!

  4. Jen


    I’m so elated for you. You’ve come so far, and with your usual grace.

    Second Skin rocks! We used that on our girls in the NICU.



  5. Woohoo! What great news!

    That is too fantastic that they have a certificate all ready for events like these. I don’t know if it makes me want to laugh or cry, but I love it.

  6. Carol

    Congratulations!!!! Ill bet it made Thanksgiving a little sweeter. Im going to have to read your past blogs on the rads because I begin Monday and now Im getting nervous because I read too much. I have my Jeans Cream. When you hear that song in Dec about Rudolph and his red nose, think of us December girls.

    Lucky you, Im jealous!!!!

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