Stomp stomp

One more rads to go!  The skin under my arm has officially blistered.  Ow.  And it’s dark here.  Every lamp in the house on, all day long.  Enough to make one really grumpy.  Woke up this morning thinking about Santa Fe, and Hawaii.  Wonder if there are any cancer retreats there?  Hmmm…..

So glad that H. & T. are coming over for dinner!  We have yummy treats planned.  So I only have another hour or so to stomp around to banish the bad mood.  I can only stomp so long before I just start laughing at myself, which lifts the mood, which is the whole point of stomping.



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3 responses to “Stomp stomp

  1. I’m not sure if any one has suggested this to you already but the one and only thing that saved my skin during radiation treatments was all natural (no coloring) organic aloe vera gel. I applied it every day in the changing room after treatments. While my skin did get red from treatment it never dried out or blistered. I am sure it would be soothing and do the healing trick if you started applying it from now on fro several week or untill all of the redness goes away. My oncologist agreed that it was harmless and seemed to help the skin heal peacefully and more quickly than with creams or ointments.

    Cheers to just ONE more stinking rad treatment!!!

  2. I’ve been using calendula cream all day but aloe’s a great idea. Will switch to that for the night time soothing strategy. Thank you Jacqueline!

  3. Jen

    When I “see” you stomping I get a vision of Max in Where the Wild Things Are. I love it! I’m so glad you can laugh at yourself, you healthy girl. Hooray for no more treatments! And now, … let the wild rompus start!”

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