nablopomo #16

Sorry folks, posting for the sake of posting. Spent the week writing for work – got it all in by the skin of my teeth. Wondering who planned real world deadlines in the last week of rads BTW?! What’s up with that? Was that me? On the upside, I got the whole week’s worth of dishes done while I was procrastinating on a deadline working from home. Somehow that mountain of dishes seemed easy compared to the mountain of writing. Ah well, it all got done in the end.

And this weekend – no medicines to help me focus and stay awake, no sugar, no coffee. Just sleep, relaxing and nourishment. Deadlines are hell on the body. Clearly, still figuring out how to live well post-cancer. Rads-brain fatigue didn’t help. However, the upside to that is: it won’t happen again!


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Filed under breast cancer, quality of life, radiation, recovery

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