two more radiation treatments to go!

26 down, friday and monday to go.  So far, just a sunburned neck and underarm.  Never had burned the latter before.  Of course, it’s not just superficial, right?  Not like sunscreen will help it, or lidocaine spray – it’s not just a surface sort of burn.  It goes a little deeper.  Yep, ouch.

Plus fatigue, in a way that is a so-tired-I-can’t-track-a-television-show-between-commercials sort of tired.

But at this point?  I don’t care, because I’m almost DONE.  This thing that “too will pass” is passing.  I more than likely won’t remember much of this time at all in the scale of things, except for the good things I hope!  Selective memory here I come…


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One response to “two more radiation treatments to go!

  1. Kim

    This is great news! Congratulations on being so close to the end!

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