search string poetry

The search terms that bring people to my blog form their own sort of odd, grim poetry and tidbits of story:

adriamycin cytoxan cost
i stopped taking tamoxifen
financial costs of chemo
getting a chemo port
in the middle of darkness there is light

feeling teriible after taxol for 4 mont
tamoxifen 2D6 testing
my mom shaved my head
how to stop taking wellbutrin
steroid crash
definition of crowning glory
Bright futures pamphlet

The search strings leave me wanting more: Why did you stop taking tamoxifen? And how is it for you? Why did your mom shave your head? Did you find the light in the middle of all this dark and heavy stuff, and if so, where? And how?

Sometimes I’ll even search for what they searched for, to see where it lead them. Both yesterday and the day before those searches yielded new financial assistance funds, now listed on the resources page of my blog. So while I blog mainly for me, it’s also turning into this great learning tool, led by the search strings that bring people stumbling across my blog.


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