Three months post-chemo & all’s right in the world

Just got back from my 3-month medical oncology checkup. My onc. was surprisingly accepting of the fact that I decided to take a short tamoxifen break while I’m finishing up rads. I was afraid he’d be mad, but he wasn’t at all. Whew. Not only that, he offered to do the CYP2D6 testing to see if I metabolize tamoxifen AND he offered to do hormone testing as well. I had a long list for our visit and didn’t end up needing it – he answered my questions before they were asked. I just sat there and listened and checked things off my list. Gotta love that.

He also wasn’t surprised in the least that stopping even my mini-dose of wellbutrin cold turkey didn’t work so well. So for now, for the next month or so, the plan is to take the wellbutrin, not take the tamoxifen and recover from rads. And in a few weeks or so I’ll know if I metabolize CYP2D6 drugs poorly or well, and then we’ll proceed from there.

My point to him – if I take the “tam” as he calls it, or if we explore other options – whatever we do I want to know that it’s working. And so does he.

We ordered my annual mammogram for late 2007/early 2008, and in the spring will order my annual MRI. He said that there are two schools of thought on the timing – simultaneous screening allows for more careful interpretation, whereas staggering the tests provides for more frequent screening and theoretically more peace of mind. Any opinion? My thought is that if something is found on a mammogram they’ll order an MRI in any case, so why not stagger the two to get checked more frequently?

I did tell him he’d given me a taste of the good life (in weeks 4-8 post-chemo I felt better than I had in years), and that I wanted that back! And he was delighted that I have no ongoing neuropathy. As am I BTW. Life is good.

Oh, and a treat – my favorite pic from the weekend:

And yes, I know it’s out of focus but I adore the circular movement.



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2 responses to “Three months post-chemo & all’s right in the world

  1. Amya,

    Congratulations to you on the end of chemo. I’m so happy for you and I wish you all the best.

    Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I was very touched and want you to know that I’m very glad you came and said what you did. I just never knew if you’d been appreciating my comments here and it’s nice to know that you were.

    Much peace and love to you today and every day.

    ~ RubyShooZ ~

  2. Anytime RubyShooZ! Peace to you in the here and now.

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