This morning I went by the 7-11 where my stolen cards were used, and, as promised last night, they did have videotape of the 4 teens/young adults who stole my cards. The 7-11 was the middle stop in their stolen card spending spree, and I was shocked to see that they were still hanging out together as a group. All four of them hovering right in front of the camera together, waiting to see if my cards would go through.

I called the police and they came and watched the tape with me so I could ID the thieves. However, without names we’re stuck. Right now I’m waiting for a call back from the two Target stores where the stolen cards were used to see if they also have video tape evidence. The cops seemed to imply that the stores don’t care, as the credit card companies are the ones who pay. And I know that I won’t have to pay for any of it (though it may screw with my credit, but hopefully not), but still, I’d think that Target wouldn’t want thieves inside their stores. If these thieves are using stolen credit cards, my guess is that’s not the only thing wrong they’re doing. I’d think that Target would want to catch them.

What bewilders me is that both the cops and my card fraud hotlines don’t seem to understand why I keep calling. Well, a) I’m now paranoid; b) I don’t trust anyone to get/give correct information, it’s just human nature; c) I know that I’ll learn something new each time (I have) and d) I want these suckers caught. Especially since they messed with someone in treatment for cancer. Sheesh.


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