Needle-core biopsy

I’m constructing a timeline in the “about” section, and found this piece about my needle-core biopsy.

March 10, 2007

It was yesterday, and let’s just say that if the local anesthesia had actually worked it would have been fine, but it didn’t, and I ended up in so much pain 15 minutes afterwards on my way home ( a 7 or 8, touching into a 9 on a scale of 10) that I threw up, that I was uncontrollably and involuntarily sobbing (I couldn’t believe how much it hurt), that I had to beg for painkillers (which my doc wrote because it was clear I was in really bad shape) and then go through hell to get them. Heads will roll, it shouldn’t have happened.

I’m a traumatized kiddo (at age 39, yikes), but at the moment am quite happy with oxycodone and ice. There are several bad days in one’s lifetime and let’s just say that that was one of them.

And I don’t really know what more I could have done – I knew that I react badly to pain, and local anesthesia, and anticipating/predicting that asked for help 5 different times and was dismissed on all counts. I asked the radiologist about pain when he suggested the biopsy, and he said, oh don’t worry about it; I called my doctors office twice before the procedure with NO resulting prescription; I talked to the tech and the other radiologist who performed the procedure, and said my pain thresholds are extremely low, I’m different, they both said, well, that’s not our experience, don’t worry about it….it shouldn’t happen. Moral of the story – just because something shouldn’t happen doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen – I knew I was going to be in pain, I told the people I should have told, and still ending up in so much pain I was throwing up and begging. WTF?

I don’t know what to do ….I think that I need a pain management plan written up before going into any procedure. Just because local anesthesia is supposed to work or it normally works doesn’t mean it works on me….sigh….thanks for listening to me rant…I’m just furious.

and then to add insult to injury, once I stopped throwing up and what vicodin I had actually hit I was able to get to the pharmacy, who couldn’t fill the scrip because it had already been filled at another pharmacy – and it’s a controlled substance. So I had to go to urgent care to get another scrip written, and they made me wait, all the while I have tears streaming down my face (not voluntary) because my pain levels are bouncing around between a 5 and a 7, and….here’s the part where I’m actually proud of myself (nice to have one shining moment in the middle of the humiliation) I had the wherewithal to get on my cell phone in the middle of urgent care lobby and call the hospital operator and ask for advocacy help. And she actually sent the urgent care supervisor right over, who got me the scrip I needed within 10 minutes.

Moral of the story I guess is that I should have held my ground in the first place, AND going to the top works.

Any other insights or advice? I’m a little beyond my wits end with the whole thing.


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