Post-chemo ticker

In some ways, life after chemo has the feeling of reborn. It is, most certainly, a second chance. Sometimes a day feels as long as a week and sometimes it feels like an hour. The ticker in the side bar is to help me keep track.



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3 responses to “Post-chemo ticker

  1. My wish and prayer is that you live without re-occurance. I wish that for every cancer survivor.
    The ticker idea is brilliant, but for me, post chemo does not exist. I have had chemo for over a year, actually this week will be my 97th treatment. When I reach 100, it will give me something to celebrate.

  2. Hats off to you! 100 chemos, I bow to you. I can’t imagine that. 8 chemos wrecked my life while I was doing it, it mostly came to a grinding halt.

    Is it worth it?

    PS I LOVED the Cancer Vixen book!

  3. To see your 2 and a half your old baby girl go off to play school and ask if it is doctor day…it is worth it.

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