8 rads down, 20 to go.

Beautiful day, and I’m tired, in a way that’s beyond tired. Pdx Lee Anne calls it “couch world.” The couch is where I’d love to spend my day, but the world wants me “back to normal.” I wish I was. Time to unpack the schedule, back to the tried and true fatigue-beating strategies. What a drag though – I was so enjoying having normal energy.

Alicia and her mom were here yesterday, and I so didn’t want them to leave. I could just hang out and do crafty-projects for about a week. They took me to Josephine’s Dry Goods, where we got silk for the dress I’ll wear in Alicia’s wedding. Silk! Ooh la la. What a treat.

The creative part of me wants to go into a visual, non-verbal mode and play with fabrics for days and days. And days. I haven’t done that in eons. It sounds good doesn’t it?!

Oh, about my hair – it almost covers my whole head!


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One response to “Fatigue

  1. Jen

    We’re hoping the energy returns very soon Amanda. Glad to hear your hair is making a comeback. My coworker’s, who also battled breast cancer, hair came back in darker and thicker. She laughed and said she had to figure out how to take care of somebody else’s hair.

    Jen, mom of Grace & Meghan

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