Rebel1in8’s dialogues

I’m so incredibly honored – my blog somehow made it into Rebel1in8′s “dialogue” list. Founder Jacqueline Skaggs writes, “The dialogues are a gathering of diverse voices unveiled by powerful bloggers. Their raw honest testimonies, rants and informative offerings often become the saving grace that affirms sanity and empowerment within the crazy, chaotic post diagnoses world.”


I was just at a breast cancer retreat (blissful, more on that later) and my roommate Lisa decided to go without her prosthesis for a day, as did others. Early on after my mastectomy I did as well, purely for comfort. I remember going for a walk without stuffing on that side, just because I so wanted to get out and move and it was so soon after my surgery that everything hurt. Frankly, I didn’t even notice until we got home, and my friend David said, “that was such a brave thing to do.” Hmmm. I wasn’t even thinking about being brave, I just wanted to be comfortable.

Well, to that end, Rebel1in8 created Rhea Belle, a “revolutionary clothing design born from a passion to create garments for women who have had a single or bi-lateral mastectomy and are moving forward without reconstructive surgery or the use of prostheses…” Check it out at her Etsy shop.

Check out her jewelry as well – I’ve been lusting after it for quite a while now. Maybe this necklace? Or this one? There’s too much to choose from!


A final note – the timing of this is oddly coincidental, because just a few hours ago I was having coffee with Sister Diane of the Church of Craft, and we were talking about craft blogs that intersect with the world of breast cancer. (DIYnotdie comes to mind as well, and I’m on a quest to find others – if there are crafty cancer blogs that you really like, please let me know!) Funny how the world connects.


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  1. I’m just sorry it took so long for me to find you. I think I spied you from DIYNOTDIE’s list of “activists and heroes”. I’ll come here often to see what’s up.

    I love the coincidence! When I started Rhea Belle I knew thousands of women before me were returning to their social worlds with no reconstruction or prosthesis. But where are they? Still so much stigma and fear surrounds exposing this reality to the world at the expense of our comfort. My desire is to be comfortable and shameless about my body and I think the best way to do that is to just go with it and return to the world not as an “example of breast cancer” but but simply free to be ourselves.

    I think you have it backwards… I’M honored to have added your blog to the “dialogues”!

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