Day 24

I feel silly, it’s almost like counting sobriety (not that I’ve had to do that, but I know people who have) but I’ve been counting the days since I finished chemo. It’s a whole new world knowing that I don’t have to steel myself to do that again. Every 14 days was quite the thing to have to do.

Also, since I actually got through chemo, if I can do that I can do ANYTHING that I have to, or want to. The world is full of possibility, and that feeling is soooo good.

Plus it’s September in the Pacific NW which, as anyone who lives here knows, is one of the best months of the year to be here. Life is good. Enjoy!



Filed under breast cancer, chemo, recovery

2 responses to “Day 24

  1. Jen

    “Enjoy!” is such good and simple advice. I think I’ll take it!

  2. Hi Amanda, SO relieved to hear that you’ve put that chemo ordeal behind you. No wonder you feel like you can take on anything. You CAN! Life is very good.

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