Rads optional :)

Quick update – this is the first “2nd Thursday” that I don’t have to go to chemo!! Very happy about that. (Every other Thursday I’ve had chemo for the past 16 weeks.)

Other update – I’ve talked to two radiation oncologists, read 5 articles and 9 abstracts, and the upshot is that rads are optional for me. My 2nd opinion rads onc. appt on Monday was remarkably different in tone from, say, the chemo doc appt where he broke the news to me that I had to do chemo. Or the three surgeon appts where they all told me that I had to have surgery. This was not that kind of appt.

In the end I asked him, “So, if I decided not to do radiation because of lymphedema risks etc., is that ok?” And he said, “I’d be fine with that.” Whereas if I’d said the equivalent to my surgeon or to my oncologist they wouldn’t have let me leave until I’d agreed to treatment. Very, very different.

The details are complicated and deserve more explanation for such an important decision, but I walked out of that meeting feeling a whole bunch lighter.



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2 responses to “Rads optional :)

  1. mariana

    that IS rad !

  2. bwahaha 😉 thanks darlin’!

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