Inanimate preferences

Having decided that the dishes must be done after many days procrastination (note to self: get dishwasher), I finally unwrapped my new chopping knife from Ikea. The package included a small owner’s pamphlet. After flipping through the directions in 16 different languages (including Suomi, which I had never seen before) I located the English page. And instantly dissolved in mirth, as the directions read: “Knives prefer to be washed by hand.” To which my immediate response was, “Oh they do do they?!” Apparently, in Ikea’s world, inanimate objects have preferences of their own. Who knew?



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5 responses to “Inanimate preferences

  1. mariana

    preference, not requirement… which means YOUR preference counts… get that dishwasher I say!

  2. mariana

    here’s a good one for $25… love craigslist almost as much as dishwashers…

  3. Hey! Wish I were closer so we could get out for lunch. Sounds like you need to get out of the house before you start learning suomi. xo

  4. Mary, that’d be great. I’m longing for a trip to Maine, but I think that’d be ambitious for a month after chemo. Hmmm…people do take vacations after chemo though!

  5. That’s hilarious!

    By the way, tag! You’re it!

    Please visit my blog for details!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

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