A work of art

Just returned from a visit to my parents to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. My brother and his 9-yr old daughter Katie were there, and I just have to share a classic Katie moment:

She was covered from head to belly-button in yellow pollen, having helped grandpa carry the flowers for the party from the farmers market to the car, and then, in a burst of garden-love she had a furious round of weeding, covering the layer of pollen with a layer of earth and an occasional green streak of smeared plant.

She burst into the kitchen, full of excitement about her day. Her dad pointed out that she was once again filthy and ready for a shower, and she declared, “No Dad, look at all the color on my shirt – I’m a work of art! ” And she was, the art of living fully. Gotta love that child. Out of the mouths of babes.

On a different note altogether, I am getting ready for my last round of chemo, and will soon be doing the no-mo’-chemo dance. Can’t wait!


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One response to “A work of art

  1. Jen

    Hi Amanda,

    Yay for the last round of chemo. We’re thinking about you.
    Hugs from the Alpha Girls, Grace and Meghan, plus their mom, Jen

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