Not gonna go

NPR ‘s “My Cancer” blog does it again. Our survival instincts are at war with our will to go to treatment. Let’s see, go in for chemo in the same place with the same drug that caused me to have trouble breathing last time? The first reaction is: “Hell no. I won’t go.” Which is why I have dear friends lined up for every chemo. Because if I didn’t have somebody being reasonable, taking me to chemo each time, that mammalian-reptile-brain-first-instinct might take over and there’s a good chance I would bolt. Then the rational brain takes over, and there we are. We go to chemo. But it’s a hard internal fight each time.


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One response to “Not gonna go

  1. Wow did this hit home with me. I don’t wanna go either. I’ve only felt good for 2 days and I have to go be made to feel BAD again? Madness!

    YOU, however, only have one left after this one… you can do it! More like “you WILL do it, eh?” Hang in there…

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