Blogher, i[2]y and the Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund

I feel like a walking advertisement for AFLAC. I should have bought their cancer insurance – I think the deal was something like $20 a month and a $9000 payout. That would have worked nicely.

However, I didn’t do it. Sigh. Since my breast cancer diagnosis, due to the sheer # of doctor’s appointments and feeling crummy due to chemo I’ve had to shift down to working part-time. This, combined with additional medical expenses and the fact that I have no disability insurance (as is the case with many nonprofit staff) leaves me with a $1000 gap between expenses and income each month.

So I’ve applied for financial assistance like crazy. Most recently, I saw a post on blogher about a young adult’s cancer survivorship group called “I’m too young for this.” Being under 40 and currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer, the post caught my eye. I followed the link to the “I’m too young” site, and that led to the Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund. I wrote to them to see if they provide financial help for those outside of California, and they wrote back a day later and said they did, and so I applied right away.

Friday night – 9 days after I saw the blogher post – they called and said they had unanimously approved my application and were paying the majority of my rent for August. Now that’s a quick turn-around. And the assistance really helps.


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One response to “Blogher, i[2]y and the Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund

  1. Kelly Daniels

    Hi, I know what you mean, I too am a cancer patient and the necessities of every day life are sometimes overwhelming!

    I contacted the BMCF and to God be all the Glory, they granted me monetary help!

    So, I can relate (lol)

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