….for things to get better. I know that days can turn around on a dime, and I’m a-waiting. On the list of positives: I am slightly less queasy today, it’s not going to be as hot (thank goodness!) AND I’m holding out the carrot of going to see a movie after work. Am still metaphorically crawling from one activity to the next….bone tired. Would happily take a blanket to the river and hang out in the shade reading a book all day…..needing some deep relaxation time.

Cancer treatment is stressful – it’s kind of bizarre actually, the antithesis of what I think would truly be needed, which would be deep care and relaxation, a connection with the sacred, to be in nature, freedom from everyday logisitical stress, to play music, play with children, make art, play games, eat wonderful meals, rise with the sun, fall asleep under the stars, hike, hang out around a campfire, laugh a lot, swim in clear lakes, raft warm rivers, stretch, run, sauna…..kind of like summer camp. Wait – I know where a place where I can do most of that, it’s just a matter of being well enough to travel 3 hours away, to a friend’s land on Willapa Bay in Washington. They have a wonderful gathering the first week in July. We’ll see!

To hedge my bets re: timing, I’ve also applied for retreats at Harmony Hill and a fly-fishing camp, but those are in the fall.


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  1. Liz

    The turnaround day is a good day isn’t it? You can wake up and forget that you had chemo a week and a half ago and carry on. Those are the days to savor.

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