Crowning glory

Many thanks to PdxLeeAnne from the discussion boards for the video to the Crowning Glory hair-raising drive for Burning Man 2007. My naturopath had mentioned this on Friday, asking me to donate locks of my hair. Heck, donate?! Of course, but now I want to go! If you go to Burning Man, please take video for me.

The main message: “Remember, you are not your hair.” Yep, I get that, having spent the last week bald. And bold. And you know what else? Feeling really confident and beautiful. Somehow I suspect that my hair before didn’t do me justice. I can’t pin it down exactly because I loved my hair, but somehow this is better; at least for now, it feels really, really good.

And the message at the end:

donate, collaborate,


and then regenerate.

Wow. Those last two lines are the essence of the experience – first to literally destroy the cancer cells with the immolating power of chemo, to throw myself into that fire, and then to regrow the good cells destroyed along with it, to re-form or “create anew” my quality of life and my survival itself. What a great vision, to regenerate. I think I like the last definition (see link above) the most: “Restored to a better state; refreshed or renewed.”

BTW, I found a mandala painter to henna my head when it stops hurting. Check out the designs at the end of the video, the bejeweled head… 🙂 Might as well, right?



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6 responses to “Crowning glory

  1. AWESOME! I’m so glad you found something in this video that speaks to you. It does to me as well. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow night’s shaving and looking like the warrior I feel like inside.

    We rock.

  2. Amanda, I am the most terrible blog commentator of all time, but you know I am an avid reader 😉

    I love your writing, but most of all I love you. I count you among my dearest friends.

  3. Jen

    Love the new header on your site. Mika’s work?

    Jen, mom of Grace & Meghan

  4. Hi Jen, Amanda here (I have to change my user name, I never anticipated having this blog when I signed up for wordpress) Yep! Many thanks to Mika 🙂 I’ll post an official link to her site soon.

  5. Sven

    Hi, Amanda – great blog, and you are such a tough cookie 🙂 (Good for you!)
    I know quite a lot of people who underwent chemo and know it is NO FUN by any means. I admire you even more for not losing your brilliant sense of humor and your sense for life’s beauty.
    Always good to see your posts at Liver Families!
    Best wishes always,

  6. Love you Sweet Amanda!!

    I sent a link to your blog to my friend Victoria’s Hubby. He loved your writing… I do too. Hugs always…


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