The scarlet scarf

During this round of chemo feeling better started at day 8. That’s when I started doing normal things like going to the grocery store. Of course, this time I have no hair. Scarves and buffs are my headgear of choice these days, and they’re pretty darned comfortable. In fact, so comfortable that I sometimes forget about not having hair because I do in fact have something on my head.

However, my scarf-clad head seems to be the scarlet letter equivalent of having “cancer” emblazoned across my forehead. Twice now I’ve had the odd experience of having heaps of extra attention lavished upon me at the grocery store. Hey, I’ll take it, but both times it took me a while to figure out why staff were being overly helpful.

Maybe it’s because I love going to the grocery store that I forget about my lack of hair. Shopping for food is a zen experience of being utterly absorbed in the color of fruit, the smell of fresh bread, etc. And these days because food in the chemoverse tastes different, it’s as if every food is new, so there are just a lot of choices to make. It’s very successfully distracting.

By the time I go to check out, or deal with staff making a beeline to help me, I’ve totally forgotten about my appearance. Since the level of customer service has risen so much, I’m pretty stunned by the service, and then I remember: Yep, now it’s clear to the world that I’m going through chemo.

So I’m happy to report that being bald has its advantages. Now, if only all the stubble would finally come out!


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