Grand follicular exodus :)

It’s begun! Running my hand through my short, short hair and it comes out….YIKES. Off to shower in a bit once Mariana is awake and can come over for coffee and support. This is Day 4 of chemo #2, pretty shaky but taking things an hour at a time. My hair hurts, which is why I’m up this early.

Many thanks in this past week to Lizzy and Mariana for taking me to appts, and to Karen, Jan and my uncle for food, and to all for TLC. And a special thanks to Hallie for 2 more excellent CDs, and to Jan for Balkan music as well.

Quick update on team care:

#3 May 31 – June 2 – Mariana on Thursday; Kim, Jeannie? on Friday

#4 June 14 – 16 – Alicia

#5 June 28 – 30 – Heidi

#6 July 5 – 7 – Mary

#7 July 19 – 21 – Jen

#8 Aug 2 – 4 – possibly Vicki



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2 responses to “Grand follicular exodus :)

  1. Jen

    Thinking of you Amanda.

    Jen, mom of Grace & Meghan

  2. Courtney

    I wish I did not live CLEAR across the continent.

    But please, if you haven’t yet, part of your healing should be

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