“Ancient wisdom”

Sleep when tired.

Eat when hungry.

Drink when thirsty.

Get outside.

Sounds easy, right? I wish the basics were easy for me, but no. I think I need a kid around, because when Katie & Jackson are around, we do all those things, otherwise we all suffer from cranky children. As an adult, I just tough it out and ignore the basics to do what I have to do (work, adult responsibilities, etc. etc.). Maybe it’s a typical Americanism, I don’t know, and maybe, hopefully my friends with roots in the rest of the world are going to read this quizzically because self-care is built into their culture. Here, not so much.

Hence my strategy so far has been to pretend: if I were the kid, when would I eat and sleep? If you have other strategies, advice needed. Self-care’s a hard one all around.


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