Today, Day 12 following chemo round #1 has been the best yet. I’m eating semi-normally, and have felt decent nearly all day. So for all of you who are out there worrying, know that things are better. Days 6 – 8 however were really bad, and I threatened to quit chemo. On Friday, my naturopath convinced me that that would not be in my best interest, which is true.

My oncologist gave me some better anti-nausea meds, and my friend Mariana is back, thank goodness, so that makes life much better already.

So, more later, right now I’m attending to basics like eating and resting. And oh yes, arranging all my new scarves – after my hair cut (it’s 1/2″ long!!) this morning we went to Forever 21, LOL, and scored on fun scarf after scarf. I promise pictures, I’m just not up to it at the moment.


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One response to “Update

  1. mariana

    I was there and I can tell you… the new do is classy and hot !

    so are the new accessories… 🙂

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