Turn around

Funny how a day can turn around. I ended up talking to the oncology triage nurse this morning, and lo and behold she told me to come in. An hour later, filled with IV fluids and a new anti-nausea drug (kytril) life was much better. I even ate lunch AND dinner, oh my oh my. And went to work, and all in all it ended up being a good day.


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One response to “Turn around

  1. Mary McLaughlin

    Good! All part of this steep learning curve you are on–finding out what works for your body.

    You sure haven’t allowed yourself to be discouraged for too long! (Or you’re just being positive so your readers won’t feel bad!) I suspect that you will become more confident that you can manage this regimen as you progress.

    I’ve said it before: I love that you look for answers and find ways to “fix” what you can. You have such a strong, positive spirit. I know you have moments (hours?, days?) when you don’t feel strong, but you are true grit!


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