Actually got to go see a movie for the first time in 8 weeks or so. The movie was “In the Land of Women.” Not recommended. I was hoping for a stupid chick flick and an escape, and then, as one of life’s small ironies, the plot was

– get this –

about a woman with none other than the ONE topic I didn’t want to hear about:

breast cancer.

I kid you not. For some reason I found it slightly hilarious that when I wanted a break the topic followed me. I couldn’t stop smirking throughout the movie (which wasn’t helped by the fact that the movie was VERY bad)….Ah well, all I can say is – I tried to get a break from cancer 24/7.

Which BTW my friend Mariana has decided to rename not the C-word, but Ms. or maybe Mr. Cantankerous. The gender is undecided at the moment.

I’m supposed to name my wig as well, LOL. All suggestions welcome :).


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